FAS2019—Selected Zones


“Selected Zones”


Yellspace cohost this year’s FAS group exhibition together with Rongyi Art Museum in the coming November. 2019 will be the second year of FAS group exhibition after “FAS 2018: Awkward” cohosted by Yellspace and ShanghART Gallery M50 last year.


This year the exhibition is themed “Selected Zones”.


The exhibition space of “Selected Zones” is parted into different zones that differ in dimensions, while participating artists pick one of the zones as their own art scene. Artists are asked not to share information when they make the choice so that eventually an unknown random distribution of artworks will be presented due to information isolation. Some zones include more artists, while some zones less, and the unbalanced state becomes a spatial reality as soon as the artist turn in their choice of zone number.

How will the artists who have chosen the same zone construct their “territory” in collaboration?

At the same time, different zones are going to present in various forms for the show; how will the various zones create an artistic ecology and landscape together?

Lets look forward to the show and gather at Rongyi Art Museum for Selected Zones on 5th November 2019.