Organic Production




FAS第二季 5月18日-6月4日




Exhibition Opening & Live Performances

3:15-3:45 / 4:15:-4:45 / 5:15-5:45









“Organic Production” is an experimental project that comprises with performances, actions, sounds and theatre. Yao Hai attempts to carry out a production and generate interaction between sounds through different repetitive and boring actions in four groups of performances. These actions have no direct relationship towards each other nor any explicit orientation and narrative. Rather they emphasize a spontaneous development and agitation. Each group of performances generates its own sounds with the absence of tonality, to create and complete the pure context of production.

Yao Hai intends to acquire products and new production power through this boring production system. He continues to question and explore in an evolving process, and to experience the possibility of aesthetic generation in the most unadulterated way.  

In the exhibition space, Yao Hai presents four groups of performances and several related by-products including videos, sounds and images. All the performances occur at the same time and influence each other to produce resonance, while each part of the performances and the by-products independently produce different subjects for imagination. These subjects include sound, action, performance, narrative, sculpture, image and space. During the performance, Yao Hai superimposes his own languages in the exhibition space as a background to dominate the scene with a magical and humorous approach to intervene and to effectively achieve modulation and expansion of the space.


姚海, 1980年出生于中国甘肃,于2009年和2014年移居香港及纽约,现于上海工作及居住。姚海的创作方向涉及装置、雕塑、绘画、录像、表演、声音和摄影等表现形式。

曾在香港世界画廊(「姚海」, 2018 年)、香港医学博物馆(「花明处解构 · 矛盾中缝合」,2018年)、上海五五画廊(「图像中探险」,2018 年;「0 + 1 + 十二」,2017 年)、武汉合美术馆(「解构的游戏」,2017年)和中国武汉K11艺术村(「界外」,2016 年)举办个展。作品曾在台北国际艺术村、韩国CICA美术馆、美国纽约皇后美术馆、美国纽约威廉斯堡艺术与历史中心等地展出。

Yao Hai was born in Gansu, China in 1980. He relocated to Hong Kong in 2009 and New York in 2014. Currently lives and works in Shanghai. Yao’s practice spans across installation, photography, sculpture, painting, video, performance and sound.

He has held solo exhibitions at Galerie du Monde (“Yao Hai”, 2018), Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences (“Reconstruction of Deconstruction”, 2018), Shanghai Gallery 55, (“Adventure in Graphics”, 2018 and “zero + one + twelve”, 2017), Wuhan United Art Museum (“Free Play of Deconstruction”, 2017) and Wuhan K11 art village (“Beyond Boundaries”, 2016). His works have been exhibited in many international institutions including the Taipei Artist Village in Taiwan, the CICA Museum in South Korea, the Queens Museum and the Williamsburg Art & Historical Centre in New York.