Not Actually An Exit



2017.09.23 - 2017.11.30.


“We are kids of nobody,我们就是我们自己的,不关联任何人。”

2017923日下午3点,艺术家常锦超将带来个展——“进来,你就是全新的 Not Actually An Exit”。本次展览将以绘画,动画,雕塑等多样的媒介形态呈现艺术家创建的自我世界。

Yell Space is pleased to announce the upcoming solo exhibition of Chang Jinchao: “Not Actually An Exit”, opening on September 23rd, 2017.The exhibition will present the artist's self-created world with various media forms such as painting, animation and sculpture.





常锦超, 纯艺术硕士学位毕业于Lasalle College of the Arts,同时拥有版画学士学位以及珠宝制作高等专科文凭。锦超的作品主要反映人类生活中的可触摸和不可触摸的各种矛盾性。以叙述性的方式去诠释作品并赋予主人公角色以戏剧化和超现实主义化的表现方式。 

主要展览包括Cut/Log巴黎当代艺术博览会,首尔亚洲青年艺术家大展,新加坡国家滨海艺术中心个人展,新加坡当代艺术研究院(ICA)新当代艺术展,伊斯坦布尔当代艺术展以及2007中国大声展。锦超曾经在新加坡泰勒版画院工作(STPI),协助包括林天苗,苏新平等著名中国当代艺术家进行当代艺术品的创作,2011年开始,作为特约撰稿人,长期为国家级艺术期刊《艺术与设计》杂志撰写插画及当代艺术专栏,撰写并发表包括: <大卫.霍肯尼:一直当代着,一直自然着><英国皇家美术学院-墨西哥艺术展><歌德学院-德国新漫画先锋>以及<英国V&A博物馆-V&A插画奖>等专题文章。 


About Artist

Chang Jinchao graduated from Lasalle College of the Arts with a Masters in Fine Art, where he had previously received a Bachelor of Printmaking and a Diploma in Jewellery. Based on drawings and most recently embodied in sculptures, his works have evolved into animation and mural installation.  

Jinchao evokes the literary works of the Czech Writer, Franz Kafka and Japanese novelist, Haruki Murakami, resonating with his personal experience of displacement and ennui of living in a city. As city inhabitants, the condition of being subjected to an abundance of sensorial images from television, propaganda and films is called ‘ spectacle’ . The world it creates is one of mere appearance in which messages are communicated often without questioning; and the identities of people are driven by their material desires. This brings the notion of self under scrutiny. Jinchao’ s previous works are known for an incessant portrayal of his alter ego depicted as an anonymous toothy and suited man and the emergence of a multiplicity of selves.  

As a young artist, his works have been presented at exhibitions including Cut/Log Contemporary Art fair in Paris, Institute of Contemporary arts in Singapore, The Esplanade, Wheelock Gallery in Singapore, Istanbul contemporary art fair, Beijing Artnow Gallery and M50 in Shanghai.