Nothing is Impossible



2018.11.04 - 2018.12.06




Yell Space presents

Shi Yong’s solo exhibition

Nothing is Impossible on 04/11


Shi Yong fills Yell Space with compulsion and disturbance: at the two diagonal corners of the exhibition space, the artist sets up a wall 50 cm in height, and divides the room into two physical spaces. The artist explains that “drawing a line from point A to point B and building a wall along that line is a very common practice. Yet, when it is placed within a particular dimension and context, it makes us anxious: because nothing feels certain anymore...”


Shi Yong has been a pioneering artist inthe Chinese contemporary art scene since the early 1990s. As he faces an experimental and non-profit art space, he constructs a wall to announce to the outside world: “nothing is impossible”.



About the Artist

Shi Yong is one of the earliest contemporary Chinese artists who started working with installation and video media. Since 1993, his works have been widely exhibited both in China and abroad. His artworks cover a wide range of mediums including performance,video, and installation. Shi Yong’s earliest artistic practices focused on revealing the subtlety of our reality and the inherent tension of the "system". Since the end of the 1990s, Shi began focusing on the idea of Shanghai’s transformations under the Chinese economic reform, which contributed to a discussion of globalization and consumerism. Shi Yong’s 2015 solo exhibition Let All Potential Be Internally Resolved Using Beautiful Form continues his artistic practice, disclosing his intention to expand the reflection and practice of “control” under the seemingly “abstract” future.